Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Next Big Trend In the Internet

There is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. It is coming your way and it can change you life and your financial situation if you take the opportunity wherever you are located.

Remember during 2002, a famous video was released ...
"We are in the beginning of a new way of working, shopping, playing and communicating" Newsweek.

If you did not watch it, please see it here by clicking the [play] button.

"Every Once in a while something New and Exciting comes along in the Internet!"
MyVideoTalk - The Most Effective Way to Communicate on the Internet!

You can now tap into a global market that is growing rapidly! Unlike the previous opportunity, you DO NOT need to have the IT knowledge, lots of investment, infrastrucure, build websites and so on. Now, we have a new way and new method for EVERYONE to take the opportunity.

Internet is a part of everyday life, make no mistakes about it. Now .. Video On The Internet will be the next big thing to hit the internet! Video is the in-thing! That is why Google invested US$1.6 billion to buy over YouTube!

Consider the following facts:
1 Billion Internet users and growing!!!
33 Billion emails sent daily
Less than 1% of Internet users have experienced video email
Less than 1% of web sites have streaming video on demand

According to Forrester Research "Video email will replace text messages as the online communications mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white television."

So, WHAT is it? WHY is it taking the Internet by storm? And HOW everyone can participate and achieve financial freedom? Watch the following video by clicking the [play] button.

Not only can you be one of the first to use this technology, but you can be one of the first to profit from it as well. To know more, please give me your name and email address and I'll send you more information.